GoFastLinks Explainer Script

GoFastLinks Explainer Script


GoFastLinks Explainer Script

Script GoFastLinks — 2 Minutes

— Did you ever just get frustrated manually typing long URL’s into your smartphone?  Yes!
— Did you ever forget a vitally important URL Link?  Of course, you did!
— Did you ever mistype a URL and just give up?  Probably!

What if there was a simple, free app, that would allow people to customize and organize their Android or Apple iOS links to immediately jump right to their favorite URL’s, and favorite Apps, from a well-organized Category List that YOU created… wouldn’t that be awesome?  Of course, it would!

So, we invented GoFastLinks. GoFastLinks allows you to enter all of your favorite URL links and App shortcuts, label them, arrange them, categorize them, and then save them for future use. 

It couldn’t be easier.  This amazingly simple to use, FREE app, will change the way you use your smartphone, guaranteed!  You’ll use GoFastLinks over and over, maybe a million times! (chuckle)

Download the FREE GoFastLinks app today!  We know you’ll love the app, and most probably, in the future, you’ll consider upgrading to the PRO version, but for now, just enjoy using GoFastLinks for FREE!

Do you have your own business?  Or, do you manage a charitable organization, want to showcase your products, are you part of a religious group, a network marketing company, a social group, a club, do you organize sporting events, are you involved in an organization, or do you have a business of any kind that you need to promote?  Do you want more sales or event attendees?

There’s an optional PRO upgrade available for you… the PRO version works exactly the same as the FREE version.  In addition, the PRO version allows you to remove our Name, Branding, and Banners and then customize GoFastLinks by replacing with your own BRANDING.  You’ll be able to replace our Company Header and Logo and replace them with YOUR Company Header, Logo, and Contact information. You can even remove our money-making rotating banners, and upload 5 of your own custom banners, entirely removing us and replacing with your own business entity or organization.

Upgrading to the PRO version will “Accelerate your life and your business.”

Download GoFastLinks today! We know you’ll love it.

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