Upgrade Your GoFastLinks

Upgrade Your Free User Account to Enjoy Additional Benefits

Upgrade Your GoFastLinks Account

Access more features by upgrading to a PRO or PRO-PLUS+ account.


Why Upgrade to PRO?

Want to promote your business, your club, your association, your religious affiliation, or your social group?  Do you want all of your branding and resources in one place?

Change to YOUR Logo

Replace the GoFastLinks logo and branding with YOUR own logo and branding.

Change to YOUR Banners

Replace all of the GoFastLinks Banners with YOUR own Banners and Locked links.

Change to YOUR Address, Phone and Contact Information

Replace the GoFastLinks address and phone number, with YOUR company or entity, address, phone, and contact information.

Re-Distribute With YOUR ID Code and Branding

Advertise your business, association, affiliation, religious group, MLM business, school, sports club, or any other group of your choice.  Get people to download and then enter YOUR unique ID Code, and presto they’ll see only YOUR information.

How do I upgrade?

After you have downloaded the FREE version of GoFastLinks from either the Apple or Google store.

Go to GoFastLinks on your phone and select “Upgrade” in your Back Office.

(To protect your privacy and security, upgrades are exclusively handled by either Google or Apple.)


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