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Is GoFastLinks Really Free?


Yes, absolutely, 100% free!  And easy to share.

Optionally, upgrade to either the PRO version or the PRO-PLUS+ version.

The PRO version allows you to re-brand GoFastLinks with your name, your logo, and your own banners.  And the right to re-distribute with your unique ID Code and your Branding.

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What Is Included With the Free User?


The Free User version is entirely free. You can add Categories and Links to your favorite URL’s so that they’ll be available to you for quick and easy loading from your GoFastLinks app.

Just a few easy clicks, and your saved website will be quickly loaded on your mobile device.

How Do I Upgrade to PRO User?

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First, install the Free app by downloading either from the Apple Store or Google Play.  Then, select Upgrade from the admin area in your GoFastLinks app.

What is included with the PRO User Upgrade
  • Everything in the FREE User account.
  • PLUS…
  • Replace our Branding with YOUR Branding.
  • Replace our 5 “Locked Links” with YOUR own Locked Links.
  • Replace our Logo with YOUR logo.
  • Replace our 5 Banners with YOUR 5 Banners.
  • Change our Header Color to YOUR Header Color.
  • Change our Font Color with YOUR Font Color.
  • No selling required!
  • Upgrade to PRO-PLUS+ only $45.00 (one-time).
How Do I Upgrade to PRO-PLUS+ User?

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Upgrade to PRO-PLUS+ to receive everything we offer, including unlimited accounts, under one account, and much more! 

What is included with the PRO-PLUS+ User Upgrade
  • Everything in both the FREE User account and everything in the PRO User account.
  • PLUS…
  • Have multiple organizations (accounts) within the same single account (select from drop-down).  PRO-PLUS+ can have any type of account Free, PRO, or PRO-PLUS+.  There will be no limit on the number of accounts PRO-PLUS+ users can join.
  • No Fee, In-App Message your referrals.  Message all, or only by account type, Free, PRO, or PRO-PLUS+.  PRO- PLUS+ users can send In-app push notifications.  The user list will be displayed to select only your users to send the push notification (The form will have a Subject and Message).
  • Password Category Lock.  Assign a privacy password lock to specific or all categories to your private URL links.
  •  Bookmarks from browser. Save any link as a Bookmark by clicking on the Share option of the browser.
Can I Add "App Links"?

With Android, yes, you can.

When adding your Categories and Links, you will see a screen that allows you to add a link to your favorite apps.

With iOS, no, sorry you cannot.

Unfortunately, Apple does not currently allow linking to apps.

If Apple ever changes this policy, we will, of course, add the iOS app link to GoFastLinks.

What Are The Uses For GoFastLinks?


 Ideas for maximizing the benefits of GoFastLinks in your daily life:

— Medical

— Family and Children

— Teaching

— Sports

Let other users know how you use GoFastLinks, by adding your suggestions below, we will add you ideas to our list of uses, thank you!


Can I Change Header Color and Upload My Logo?

GoFastLinks PRO upgraded users, can upload their logo, and then change the banner color, and font color, to match the logo.

Free users will see your custom branded copy of GoFastLinks until they upgrade to PRO themselves.

How to make your edits:

  1. Go to your back office in GoFastLinks.
  2. Select “Account” to access “Update Profile.”
  3. Select “Organization.”
  4. Edit your logo by selecting “Change Logo.”
  5. Remember that the size MUST be exact: 310px x 47px.
  6. Scroll to the end of the page and select the green Update button.
  7. Decide on your background color by entering the HEX numbers, for example, Google’s
  8. Select the back arrow, top left, to exit.

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